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                Quanzhou Kangshi Stone Material Co.,Ltd is located in Shuitou Town,Nan'an City,China.it is a comprehensive stone enterprise integrating mining,block material wholesale,stone processing,sales,engineering design,installation,construction and after-sales service.Stone processing capacity and rich construction experience.

                The annual sales of wholesale materials reached more than 100,000 cubic meters,and the factorg sold 600,000 square meters of plates per year.The company has complete equipments an excellent management team,and has been well received by domestic and foreign customers for a long time.Companies adhering to:the concept of honesty,integrity management,continuous exploration in practice,and under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of quality first,reputation first,service first,strictly control quality,sincere service,won the consumption Trust and support.

                The world is changing rapidly.We keep the pulse of the times and,as always,sway the stone culture,let the natural stone shine and add brilliance.We are a reliable partner and sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future!


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